In this Edition of Rick’s Picks:

  • Why You Should Offer Niche Products (Crescent has them for you)
  • Post Closing/Trailing Document Warning
  • Special Bonus for WI Originators
  • Industry Humor (You’re a true veteran if you laugh)

ALL in just about Four Minutes…you’ve got four minutes, don’t you?


In this week’s Rick’s Picks:

Grab a pencil and hold onto your hats.

  • Rick enlists the help of our On Location Correspondent to get a pulse on the Market
  • Admin Fee and Flood Cert Simplification explained
  • MERS changes
  • MORE – Plus a lot of fun! Wait. Is that possible in this industry? Watch and you’ll see…
    All in just about 4 minutes!


ADMIN FEE and Flood Cert Link

Admit it: there are some products that we tend to avoid because we’ve kept ourselves busy doing refi’s.
Those days are gone, at least for a while.  Do yourself a favor and watch this Rick’s Picks:

In this episode:

  • Why USDA Should Be In Your Arsenal
  • Wear a helmet while viewing… I’m just sayin’.
  • Only Four Minutes Long, But Full of GREAT Info.

Wondering what to focus on now that Refi’s are down?

In this episode of Rick’s Picks:

  • Rick’s Picks On Location Correspondent: Is something criminal happening on Wall Street?
  • High LTV Program Comparison: You have to see it to believe it.
  • Loaded with info and fun, but fast!  Just over four minutes in length!


If the title of my post didn’t give away the content of today’s video, you need to watch.
AND, if you think it DID give away the content of today’s video, then you probably need to watch even more.

In today’s Rick’s Picks:

  • Some little known and rarely used features that you should be offering to your REALTOR contacts
  • FACTS on the BEST Agency Program currently offered.  Do your borrowers qualify??
  • Rick is caught sleeping at the wheel, so to speak…just watch…you’ll see what I mean…


As the market continues to move upward, those that want to succeed need to utilize strategies that will preserve their margins…

IN THIS EPISODE of Rick’s Picks:

  • WARNING:   Avoid THESE 3 TYPES of Expirations
  • BIG M.E.R.S. Reminder
  • Some Spacey Antics – Watch…you’ll see what I mean
  • And More – all in LESS THAN 4 Minutes!

In this episode of Rick’s Picks:

  • Rising Rates – There’s a Repricing Epidemic. Save yourself.
  • Privacy Policy – Do you have one? I hope so, because we’re auditing for it…
  • Lots more in ONLY FOUR MINUTES.

FTC Privacy Policy Info

Pricing and Extension Policy

In this episode of Rick’s Picks:

  • Is June going to be the end of the road for refi volume?
  • Will FHA destroy Streamlines?
  • A special Tribute to Our Veterans at the end of this episode
  • Only 4 minutes total, but jam packed with content

Do you fear the impending flood of business (and paperwork) coming your way, now that Spring has sprung?
Are you short of breath? Sweaty palms? You don’t want to go back to the office?

Crescent can help!  Also in today’s episode:

  • 4056t reminders (We can help)
  • Hilarious bloopers (You need a laugh…so laugh at Rick)

Here’s the link referred to in the video:

On today’s Ricks Picks:

  • TOP 5 Ways to Speed Up Your HUD Approval


  • Meet Bill Fowler, VP of Closing from Atlanta GA (certain cable TV reality shows might come to mind once you watch…)
  • Meet Charity Smith, National Trainer
  • Extra message for our Correspondents doing their own docs
  • More fun extras for everyone

PS- here are the Links referenced in the VIDEO:

Recertification Link

Important Message for those

prepping their own docs: 


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