Do you fear the impending flood of business (and paperwork) coming your way, now that Spring has sprung?
Are you short of breath? Sweaty palms? You don’t want to go back to the office?

Crescent can help!  Also in today’s episode:

  • 4056t reminders (We can help)
  • Hilarious bloopers (You need a laugh…so laugh at Rick)

Here’s the link referred to in the video:

On today’s Ricks Picks:

  • TOP 5 Ways to Speed Up Your HUD Approval


  • Meet Bill Fowler, VP of Closing from Atlanta GA (certain cable TV reality shows might come to mind once you watch…)
  • Meet Charity Smith, National Trainer
  • Extra message for our Correspondents doing their own docs
  • More fun extras for everyone

PS- here are the Links referenced in the VIDEO:

Recertification Link

Important Message for those

prepping their own docs: 


It’s that time of the year again…Did you file your taxes on time?  How about your clients?

In this episode of Rick’s Picks:

  • An expose’ of a serious problem responsible for major delays in our industry today, and
  • How you can be a part of the solution
  • Industry and Crescent reminders
  • Hilarious Surprises and Outtakes

All in about 4 minutes!

HERE ARE THE LINKS referred to in the video:



It’s the THIRD Rick’s Picks for the month of March! In this episode:

  • Appraisal Portability (They CAN be transferred)
  • Good News for QM?
  • Anti Steering
  • Rick’s Computer “Conscience” is bothering him (It’s Funny…really)
  • And MORE all in only 4 minutes!

Here’s the link referred to in the video:

Welcome to the first Bonus Rick’s Picks of 2013!

You’ll want to watch this Rick’s Picks if:

1) You want to meet Crescent’s President, Fowler Williams
2) You always wondered what really happened at those banking conventions
3) You want to compare your knowledge with other bankers and industry partners on the latest mortgage buzzwords
4) You enjoy a good laugh (seriously)

Here are the links referenced in today’s video:
Online “fund your own loans” training March 21

Live SE Income Analysis and 1x Close Construction Training April 22 in St. Paul MN

In this Episode of Rick’s Picks:

  • Training, Training, Training
  • HUD’s impending changes. Don’t miss this one.
  • A pretty funny clip from the ICBA convention (at the very end of this episode)
  • Plus more, all in less than THREE minutes

Here are the links mentioned in the video:

HUD Mortgagee Letter RE: MIP

March 21 Online Training Registration link: Pro’s and Con’s of Funding Your Own Loans

April 22 Training Registration: LIVE in St. Paul, MN: Tax Analysis/ConstructionPerm Training

Recertification Online Form

In this Rick’s Picks for the end of February 2013:

  • Warning! Protect your Pocket$ (HUGE $$ at stake)
  • Improve yourself (at Crescent’s Expense)
  • The Dime Tour
  • Look Out! Is Crescent sponsoring a Monster Truck?  (watch til the end…)

All that and more, in LESS THAN 4 MINUTES!

If you can’t watch/view at the office, send it to your home email.  Even better—> click the orange button to the right and subscribe with your home email address.  You don’t want to miss these!

Here are the 3 links referred to in the video:

Training Info Flyer (PS- it’s free and lunch is included)
Hotel Reservations

In this week’s Rick’s Picks:

  • HARP 2.0 MI Transfer Improvements!
  • Split MI – WAY cheaper than FHA
  • USDA Pilot Refinance – is YOUR State eligible now?
  • plus: live shots from Las Vegas and some tongue tangling outtakes…

All in about 4 minutes!

Here’s the USDA Link I referred to in the Video:  CLICK HERE

In this episode of Ricks Picks:

  • Crazy Good Turn Times
  • Crescent Does That?
  • VA’s Big Oops
  • PLUS some pretty funny outtakes

Here’s the link referenced in the video: CLICK HERE

Sometimes WOW sums it up.  In this first episode of Rick’s Picks for 2013:

  • 3 Updates You Need to Know
  • New Procedures for VVOE’s You Now Need To Follow
  • The Truth Behind the Service Vs. Price Discussion (Fact or Myth?)

Here are the Links referred to in the Video:

StartUp Nation Article

Marketing Sherpa Article

Training Registration Link

VA Approval Instructions

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