It’s the beginning of June, and a lot is happening at Crescent Mortgage.
Watch today’s Rick’s Picks and see what is going on.

In today’s episode:

  • There’s some trouble brewing in the Rick’s Picks Studios
  • Hear and see Charity Smith and Cindy Arras comment on their trainees in MN & WI
  • Progress updates on our Motion platform rollout
  • some fun outtakes
  • ALL in LESS THAN 4 Minutes!


I think we can all agree that most refinance business is done for now;

Therefore, purchase clients are prominent, and when you have purchase clients,
you will inevitably get asked for your expert advice with this question…
My bigger question: Do YOU know the answer?

In this edition of Rick’s Picks:

  • The Client’s Question
  • The Correct Answer – supported by a Ph.D’s research specifically for this episode
  • Some funny outtakes

All this and more in less than 4 Minutes…click the video to enrich and enlighten.

It’s Spring, and it’s Purchase Time, even if we received 15 inches of Snow in the northern half of Minnesota yesterday…
So with that being said, there are going to be (if there aren’t already) lots of purchases skewing the balance of transactions in our industry.

In today’s Rick’s Picks:

  • subtle keys to crucial components of the purchase transaction
  • a birthday surprise?
  • and more, all in about 5 minutes!
  • plus don’t forget my FHA/VA training for Crescent Customers coming to MPLS and Madison on May 12 and 13

Here’s the link to the training registration flyer

Information… Misinformation…Information…

A lot of new procedures went into play this January, and with those, a lot of misnomers and misinformation have arisen at the same time.  In this episode of Rick’s Picks:

  • ECOA/Reg B Clarifications* (Is your institution interpreting this correctly?)
  • It’s Tax Time (Don’t be surprised if your borrower’s loan package is ticking)
  • Spring Cleaning at Rick’s Picks
  • BIG Training Announcement

All this and more in LESS THAN 4 MINUTES!

*The definition of the phrase “within three days” used in this video shall equal ” three days prior to”


Have you noticed all of the changes in our industry recently? How could you not, right? Well, I hate to be a conspiracy theorist, but sometimes you have to just wonder if when the numbers line up, if it was coincidence or not.

I’m not sure, but I think I may have stumbled onto something and I’m going to talk about it in this Rick’s Picks Video:

Also in this Rick’s Picks episode:

  • Updates on FNMA
  • USDA Update
  • Crescent Update
  • Some pretty funny stuff along the way.
  • All in just over 5 minutes!

This is a big episode for Rick’s Picks. Not because of its Valentine’s Day release.  Not because our Atlanta office just went through another major winter storm, without a hitch.  It’s because of the high profile guest that agreed to be a part of today’s broadcast…

In Today’s Rick’s Picks:

  • More Atlanta Storm coverage
  • 2014 Prognostications from Widely Known Industry Expert Rob Chrisman
  • Rick’s auditioning for a Dairy Advertisement?
  • Not necessarily in that order, and all in only Five minutes.

Here’s the link referred to in the video:


It was a whopper. Winter Storm Leon hit the SouthEast with a wallop, and Crescent was right in the middle of it.
We kept the ship running, but you probably don’t realize what everyone went through to make that happen.

In today’s Rick’s Picks:

1.Crescent’s Storm Coverage

2. A New Segment featuring Bill Fowler, VP of Closing to help you save Time and Money

3. Crescent Updates for the beginning of February

Stay up to date! Carve out about 5 minutes and watch Rick’s Picks today.  Feel free to share it with your colleagues.
Thank you for your business and Stay Warm!



It doesn’t happen very often any more, but every once in a while, we (as banking and finance industry members) fall into a special moment and meet someone that’s got some seriously strong industry “Cred” because they’ve seen virtually everything there is to see.  When those people speak, you want to listen. Their perspective is from personal experience; it’s not from a book.  Today, we have the opportunity to partake in one of these special moments.

In Today’s Rick’s Picks, meet Crescent Founder Alex Williams as he shares on

  • 40+ years of Industry “death knells” in 60 seconds or less
  • QM
  • 2014 and beyond

Carve out five minutes for some great perspective with Alex’s entertaining delivery style.  Enjoy!

We’ve now passed the threshold into 2014 and QM, and we’re all still here.  Whew.

In this Rick’s Picks:

  • Appraisals
  • ARM Disclosures
  • ATR
  • and More, all in less than 4 minutes!


It’s that time of year again! Time to sign your checks and documents with the year 2014 instead of 2013.
Does anyone even write checks anymore?

Anyway, this is the last edition of Rick’s Picks for the year, and it includes:

  • A glimpse at the future of Crescent from Fowler Williams, the President of Crescent Mortgage
  • Compliance for January 2014
  • Outtakes from Rick and Fowler
  • More fun along the way – all in UNDER 4 Minutes

Thank you for your business this year! Wishing you and your team a prosperous 2014!


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