The purchase season is definitely here, and that usually means “relearning” how (and why) to utilize some of the products we may not have looked at in a while…

In today’s Rick’s Picks:

  • A new version of the Rick’s Picks Top 5, Late Show Style
  • Some pretty revelatory information on FHA (You will be surprised!)
  • Conventional Low Down Payment comparisons
  • All that and more in less than 5 minutes!

Every year, about this time, association annual meetings, summits, and expo’s take place all over the country.  It was time once again for Crescent to participate in the ICBA convention in San Antonio, Texas, and there was a LOT going on. Here’s just a taste.

In this episode of Rick’s Picks:

  • Bob Shellenberger, SVP/National Sales Manager, from the ICBA
  • Charity Smith, VP/National Training Manager, at the ICBA
  • Compliance discussion with some expensive ramifications
  • Our annual “Word Association” game, played with vendors and bankers alike, straight from San Antonio!
  • And more, all in less than 8 minutes!

Just click the video below to learn and laugh at the same time.

It appears Spring is on its way (at least in some parts of the Country), and we all know when that happens, people start getting in that house hunting mood. This is a weird year though, for multiple reasons, and not just for the weather or the political climate.

In this episode of Rick’s Picks:

  • Why your borrowers should be using you for construction (Do you know?)
  • Comparing 2 Close and 1 Close construction programs
  • An homage to one of Jimmy Fallon’s regular tv show segments
  • All in less than 5 minutes!

Just click the video below to get started!


It’s 2017, and a lot of things are changing…forward and backward…like FHA MI, for example.  Some things, like Crescent, continue to move forward.

In this episode:

  • The Founders of Crescent Mortgage
  • Some of our most “experienced” employees
  • Our President and CEO
  • Why our partners LOVE Crescent*
  • Hear how it all started for Crescent and how we got to 2017, in just over 12 minutes…

*Warning… You might get a little emotional…

It’s the last episode of Rick’s Picks for the year, and our gift to you during this Christmas and Holiday season is a big one that could save you a lot of green, and potentially your bacon.

On this episode of Rick’s Picks:

  • 15 days Free? Watch the video to take advantage
  • Tips on protecting your files in a rising rate market
  • Wise Proverbs from Patrick Dave, SVP of Secondary Marketing
  • and more, in just over 5 minutes

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

The Holiday season has begun, and that means food for a lot of people…but more on that later…

This Autumn, Crescent initiated it’s funding authorization policy for all delivery channels, whether Wholesale or Correspondent.  Those of you asking the “What?” or “Why?” questions will get your answers on today’s Rick’s Picks, featuring our own Bill Fowler, VP of Closing at Crescent Mortgage.

In this episode of Rick’s Picks:

  • Funding Authorizations – Updates that you need to know
  • Settlement Agents – What they need to know
  • Bill Fowler – He’s not just for Closing anymore
  • And more – Including a short bonus video: “Bill’s Grille”

Video 1 – Rick’s Picks 14

Bonus Video: Bill’s Grille

It’s not a typical November; we all can agree on that. The upper Midwest is unseasonably warm, the election happened, and now FNMA is implementing their documentation relief…

It’s an interesting time to be in this business. And now it’s time to think about the coming year.

In this Rick’s Picks:

  • FNMA Updates – Game Changing.
  • VA announcement – Don’t miss out!
  • 1X Construction to Permanent – It’s the future.
  • PLUS, some funny outtakes, if you’re into that sort of thing.

HERE ARE THE LINKS referred to in the video:



It’s been a year since the CFPB rolled out the Know Before You Owe/RESPA TILA Integrated Disclosures rule. Now, we have a chance to take a second look at it, with the CFPB’s proposed clarifications to the rule.

In this episode of Rick’s Picks:

  • The CFPB’s proposed changes
  • How YOU can let the CFPB know what you think of these proposed changes
  • Special Guest Fowler Williams, President/CEO of Crescent Mortgage
  • PLUS updates on USDA, FHA, VA, 1xCP and more

Proposed TRID Changes and How To Comment

HUD Termite Inspection Criteria  VA Termite Inspection Criteria

Hurricane Matthew Disaster Policy Bulletin Updated 10/13


It’s been a big topic during the last 12 months of political speeches, debates and discussions: Student loans are leaving a huge “debt footprint” across the U.S., but have we really considered what their downstream ramifications are?

In this episode of Rick’s Picks:

  • Student Loan Debt – some facts you should know, and how they affect your lending
  • Income Based Student Loan Repayment plans and the surprises they hold
  • Virtually ALL of the Secondary Market Agencies Student Loan payment requirements compressed onto ONE GRID
  • All in under 5 minutes…
  • PLUS, a bonus “SNL”-type segment, created by the Rick’s Picks team, following the show. Make sure you watch until the end!

Student Loan Repayment Criteria Grid (click this link)

Just click the video below!

There are certain things that happen cyclically, like the seasons, that you can count on occurring every year. Except, some years, those occurrences get exaggerated. A winter with a huge amount of snow, or a summer with a lack of rain. You get the idea. The USDA has it’s own cycle, which always starts on October 1, but this year is going to be an exaggerated year. You’ll need to watch the video to understand why…

In this Rick’s Picks:

  • The USDA Conundrum
  • a tribute to a popular motion picture from the 1980’s
  • and more, in less than 4 minutes!

Just click the video below.

HERE’s THE LINK referred to in the video

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