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School is almost out, Memorial Day is almost upon us, and we’re that much closer to the TRID rollout…
but I digress…

In this episode of Rick’s Picks:

  • Solutions for IRS Tax Transcript Issues – Save Time and Money
  • VA’s recent Circular and Crescent’s bulletin to help: making sure YOU are prepared!
  • a Crescent Sneak Peek (How we reveal it is quite puzzling…)
  • And more, all in less than 4 minutes!

Tax Day is April 15 this year.

Are you ready?  An even bigger question: Are your borrowers ready?

In this episode of Rick’s Picks:

  • April 15 Tax Implications
  • 5 Questions YOU should be prepared for
  • A special historical reference. Will you pick it up?
  • Crescent Customers: changes to extension policy announced.

All that in just over 4 minutes! This is one you’ll want to hang on to for future reference…

Just click the video to absorb the information…

The title sums this up pretty well…but perhaps a little context would help.
Crescent participated in the ICBA conference in Orlando, Florida at the beginning of March, and our National Trainer, Charity Smith, had the opportunity to visit with multiple other participants.  I don’t want to be accused of libel, so we’ll have to let you decide who the pirate is.  Watch for yourself…

In this episode of Rick’s Picks:

  • 3 MI companies
  • 2 Regulators
  • 1 Pirate
  • And Charity Smith, our VP and National Trainer, all at the ICBA convention
  • Lots of good information in a fast, fun delivery

Click the video to watch!


How many times have you had a transaction derailed by an appraisal? If you’ve been in the industry any length of time, you can probably recall that it’s happened more than once.

In this episode of Rick’s Picks:

  • Crescent VP Bob Shellenberger shares something that could save your file…
  • From the ICBA convention in Orlando, Florida
  • All in just 4 minutes.  You need to watch this.  Click the video below – You’ll be glad you did.

Have you ever wanted to put a face with the voice of the underwriter you just talked to on the phone?
Have you ever wondered what they really loved about their job?

Well…today’s your day!

In this episode of Rick’s Pick’s:

  • The Valentine’s Episode
  • Special Segment featuring “What Underwriters Love” – meet some of our Underwriters!
  • THREE additional items you need to know about – and should participate in
  • All in less than 5 minutes!

WEBINAR LINK referred to in the video

Crescent Mortgage, part of Carolina Financial, is listed on the NASDAQ exchange with the ticker symbol CARO,
and on Monday January 12, Rick’s Picks got to report live as Crescent Mortgage, along with the other Carolina
Financial subsidiaries, rang the closing bell at NASDAQ’s headquarters in New York City.

The reporting was, um, a bit unconventional, however…

Click the video to watch this momentous occasion. Just over 5 minutes…
OK – just over 6 minutes…but it’s worth the time. Trust me.

It’s 2015 and there are a lot of positive changes going on in our industry.

In today’s episode of Rick’s Picks:

  • Fannie Mae Changes (FOUR big ones)
  • Rick’s first outtakes of 2015!
  • All in under FOUR Minutes

Click the video to watch!

Are you ready for 2015? Can you make it a more successful year than ’14 was?

In this episode of Rick’s Picks:

  • Rick’s Picks Top 7 (Late-Night style)
  • FNMA Update: DU 9.2 is tightening up REFI’s
  • USDA Update
  • VA Reminder
  • A little bit of fun

All in about 4 1/2 minutes! But you won’t know unless you watch…


And now, for something completely different…

In Today’s Episode of Rick’s Picks, test your knowledge of Crescent, and our industry as a whole, when
you join Lending’s favorite online quiz show: “True? or Not True?”.  In under 4 minutes, you’ll learn
about VA, USDA, Crescent and more!

Fun, Fast Paced, and sure to make you remember these important facts…and did someone say prizes?

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