Purchases are the big thing now, and everyone’s looking for ways to differentiate themselves in order to capture some of the purchase action for the future.  How are you going to do it?

I’ve got an idea for you.  Did you know Veterans can finance more than one house at a time with ZERO DOWN using VA financing? It’s true, and you need to be talking about it.

In this episode of Rick’s Picks:

  • Cindy Arras, AVP and Government Underwriting Manager
  • The Impact of VA’s TIER 2 ENTITLEMENT on your borrowers
  • Drama in the Rick’s Picks control room and on the set!
  • VA JUMBO’s
  • AND MORE – this one is jam packed with info and fun. 8 minutes but WORTH it.

So this is 2021? Does it seem any different yet?

NO, not to me, either!

Second question:

How many times have you started working with borrowers only to have them leave you in the middle of the transaction, and you have no idea why? If your answer is more than ZERO, you need to watch today’s Rick’s Picks.

In this Episode:

  • 3 BIG TIPS to protect yourself and your borrowers from late bidders and telemarketers
  • The audience gets a little impatient with Rick’s babbling
  • Not necessarily in that order…
  • All in about 4 minutes!

We’ve passed the Thanksgiving holiday.  Actually, we’re well into December, and we’re all still really busy! But, here at Crescent, we’re staying on top of it (Underwriting is still turning in 4 days!)…but I digress.  That’s not what this Rick’s Picks is about.

Do you currently have home buyers that are on the lower end of the acceptable FICO score spectrum, and you just wish you could “pull a rabbit of a hat” for them?  If so, you need to watch today’s Rick’s Picks.

In this episode:

  • A little Holiday Magic
  • Help for your lower score Home Buyers that will make your other clients jealous
  • Magicians never reveal their secrets…until today
  • A very practical tip served up with some yuletide cheer, in just over 6 minutes…

CLICK BELOW to watch and learn!

It’s November.  There’s a lot going on, including a huge volume of refinances. While those may fade at some point (we don’t know when) people will still need to buy homes and build homes. And there are some special rules when it comes to low cash to close borrowers. We cover three special rules, in a special way, on this episode of Rick’s Picks. Oh, yeah, it’s True? or Not True? The GAMESHOW.

In this episode of Rick’s Picks:

  • True? or Not True? America’s FAVORITE Mortgage Game Show
  • Details on FHA Gift rules, Home Ready, and Cash to Close
  • SVP Bob Shellenberger is concerned about some of the show’s “compliance” issues
  • Mayhem ensues…but you have to watch to find out
  • All in just over 5 minutes

The last 12 years have thrown a lot of change at the Mortgage Industry, but the last 12 MONTHS seem to have thrown as much or more.  For some, the way that business has always done business might not be the way that should continue.

In this episode of Rick’s Picks:

  • A casual, but thoughtful, conversation with Crescent President Fowler Williams, AMP,CMB and SVP National Sales Manager Bob Shellenberger
  • Thoughts on Risk, Overhead, Income, Expectations, and More
  • It’s a bit over 15 minutes but this is one you want to watch. Budget time for it. You’ll be glad that you did.

August 31, 2020: what a crazy time to be living in. All sorts of things going on in the world, and on top of that we’ve got one of the highest volume mortgage markets we’ve seen in probably 15 years.  How are you handling it? Are you staying on top of the volume?

Crescent is.

In this episode of Rick’s Picks:

  • Turn Times – Crescent vs. The Industry as a whole
  • How You Can Help – both yourself and others
  • A Big Thank You

All in about 4 minutes.

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Every once in a while you run into a situation that you dread: Saying goodbye to someone who has meant a lot to your organization as well as to many of its individuals.  This is one of those situations. Bill Fowler, SVP and National Closing Manager, is retiring. Bill, we’re happy for you, and thankful for you, and we’re going to miss you.

In this episode of Rick’s Picks:

  • Highlights of Bill’s career at Crescent
  • Some Hilarious Commentary from Crescent’s Management and Staff
  • Stay tuned for the slide show at the end.
  • Yes, this is the probably the longest Rick’s Picks episode ever, but you’ll be glad you watched it.

They say that hindsight is thinking backwards, or maybe, backwards thinking…

Well, we’re halfway through the year. It’s time to “look back” (see what I did there?), take stock of what’s been going on so far, and make adjustments to help for the 2nd half of the year. In effect, exercise some hind sight.

In this episode of Rick’s Picks:

  • Busy Times. Are you staying on top of it all?
  • How to meet your closing dates – and I’m not talking “It’s Just Lunch”
  • A different way to plan your strategy for winning the war on transaction delays.
  • Fannie Mae COVID documentation requirements considered

All in less than 5 minutes. Click below


I think everyone is ready to be done with this COVID thing. While we’re all obeying the mandates of our Local, State and Federal Governments, we can still be preparing for that moment when the local markets, and the subsequent floodgates of pent-up purchase and building demand, are opened…

In this episode of Rick’s Picks:

  • It’s the quarantine episode. We’re out of the studio and out in nature…
  • Three tips that can help your business this Summer
  • A song that will probably make you smile

We all might have a little extra time on our hands, since we’re not directly in front of clients any longer.  If that’s the case for you, then make the most of it.

In this episode of Rick’s Picks:

  • VP, National Training & Events, Charity Wilson
  • See what Crescent Training has to offer you during this COVID-19 Quarantine
  • Funny outtakes
  • And MORE! but you have to watch to know what I’m talking about…

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