In Rick’s Picks 7:

  • Rick’s got some ideas up his sleeve for quicker file flow
  • Experience the Life Of A File, with your tour guide and our National Trainer, Charity Smith!
  • Meet folks from Crescent’s different departments
  • ROTFL – if you know what I mean; this one is funny!

In this Episode, Rick encounters Secret Agent-style danger as he encounters

  • FHA Streamline Refi Deadlines


  • The Mystery of LQI is revealed (You CAN Prevent Pre-Closing Nightmares)
  • 4506t TIPS: How to avoid delays due to transcripts

Episode 5 of Rick’s Picks includes:

  • Excellent initial training for you and your office on the FHA Streamline, including the Low MI option.
  • Some important HARP Refi improvements
  • See the folks who won the catered lunch for winning the Crescent Mortgage TV Show naming contest!

Two important Items NOT included in the video:

1)      HARP Refi’s must have a payoff in the file at time of submission or they will be held out of underwriting as “incomplete” until they do.

2)      ALL FHA STREAMLINES MUST MEET THE NET TANGIBLE BENEFIT requirement as outlined in Mortgagee Letter 2011-11 (Reduction in Term is NOT a Net Tangible Benefit per HUD, FYI)

Here’s the STREAMLINE COVER SHEET link referred to in the video: CLICK HERE

Invite your colleagues to pull up a chair and take 4 minutes of your time for some great info and some fun at Rick’s expense.  In this Episode:

  • Two Crescent Tools that will make your mortgage life easier (your processor will love you)
  • FNMA HARP Update (More improvements!)
  • More hilarious outtakes (by popular demand)


In Episode 3 of the Crescent Show you will see:

  • Appraisal Tips (you could get a quicker, better appraisal)
  • 4506t Help (Rejections are bad and we want to help)
  • HARP Update (we’re even better then before)
  • Preventing Incomplete File Purgatory
  • Lots more, including outtakes, in less than 5 minutes!

Thanks for your Business!

Rick McKinley
Crescent Mortgage Account Executive

PS. Here’s the CHEAT SHEET referenced in the video – CLICK HERE

Thanks to everyone who made March such a great month.  Since coming on board at the beginning of February, I’ve had the opportunity to meet many of you, and I’m scheduling to meet many more.  Let me know if you’d like a visit!

In the meantime, please take a look at the newest episode of my Crescent Web TV Show.
In this 3-minute episode:

  • Super Quick Review of 5 Important Bulletins you NEED to know about
  • Crescent’s Product of the Month (Ka-Ching!)
  • One Last Chance to win lunch for your office!

CLICK HERE to suggest a name and possibly win Lunch on Crescent!


Here’s a great way to end your week! Effective today, and only for a limited time,
Crescent Mortgage is giving all of my customers an extra .25 on
your Minnesota and Wisconsin properties only.

You’ll see the adjuster show up in your online Scenario Pricer/Online lock screen
as a “temporary incentive +.25” after you’ve picked a rate/lock term.

Plus if you have a purchase, there’s another +.20 bonus for you.

Combine that with our great service levels in this extremely busy environment,
and you really ought to be locking your loans with us if you aren’t already.

Thanks for your business! Have a great week!

PS – I’m in Florida next week, so while I’m away, here’s a contact list for you
that should help in my absence.  CLICK HERE

Rick McKinley, Account Executive
MN, WI, IA & the Dakotas
cell 763.458.4051

We are totally committed to DAILY exceeding the expectations of our Customers!

Welcome to the first episode of a new Crescent Mortgage Web TV program!
In this inaugural episode:

  • Your Account Executive, Rick McKinley, has an uncomfortable announcement to make
  • HARP 2.0
  • a REAL Contest with a REAL prize!

You’ve got to watch to win…


CLICK HERE for my CRESCENT CONTACTS SHEET download that I referenced in the VIDEO

CLICK HERE for the HARP training PDF from Crescent’s webinar

CLICK HERE for Crescent’s HARP training webinar mp3 recording

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