Everyone wants an inside track, and this episode of Rick’s Picks shares one.
I think you’ll find it helpful and quick.



If you’re offering Borrower Paid Origination transactions to your customers, or if you THINK you might be eligible to, you NEED to watch today’s edition of Rick’s Picks.

PS – Here are the links I refer to in the video:

BPO Bulletin

In this edition of Rick’s Picks:

  • Borrower Paid Compensation limits
  • Anti-Steering/Safe Harbor Disclosure
  • Plus USDA, DU 9.0, and lots more, all in less than 4 minutes!

Here are the links referred to in the Video:



How many times have you wanted to ask an underwriter a question?
Well, now you can! Today’s Rick’s Picks is a call-in show featuring a special guest.
Join us and learn about HARP, FHA Streamlines, and More!
Plus some hilarious outtakes…


The Title says it all, and this is BIG and NOW.

  • DU 9.0 – BIG Changes, most of them tighter
  • HARP – Light bulbs and Lightning bolts
  • USDA – Good news, clarified…

This will be 3 1/2 minutes well spent. Watch below!

In This BIG Episode:

  • USDA update: Warning!
  • Freddie HARP: Good and Bad
  • Fannie HARP: WAY Good!

The FINE Print: Not necessarily in that order. Presented in a crazy-fast format that’s chock full of info.  You’ve got to watch! Less than 3.5 minutes!



Three Really Big Deadline Items

  1. FHA Streamlines
  2. HARP Guideline Improvements
  3. Conventional 30 day lock pricing


Even I get surprised once in awhile. You’ll want to watch Rick’s Picks 9 and see the following:

  • HUGE MI News
  • More HUGE MI News
  • Big LTV News
  • humbling outtakes 🙂

PS – links I talk about in the video:


Constant changes in the market, as well as Program Criteria (i.e., USDA), have all driven us to “the edge” at one time or another. Am I Right?

In Rick’s Picks volume 8,

  • HUGE USDA News; prevent your borrowers from getting blindsided
  • Major last minute surprises: How to Insulate Yourself
  • Rick’s got more hysterics going on.
  • Even more fun in the outtakes. And all in ONLY about 5 minutes

Prevent yourself from going over the edge in this crazy market.  Watch This Video!

In Rick’s Picks 7:

  • Rick’s got some ideas up his sleeve for quicker file flow
  • Experience the Life Of A File, with your tour guide and our National Trainer, Charity Smith!
  • Meet folks from Crescent’s different departments
  • ROTFL – if you know what I mean; this one is funny!
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