Have you ever driven down the same road so many times that your brain starts to tune out the details? Then one day you look up, then to the left and right, and you wonder how in the world you got to your destination? Your next trip down that same road causes you to realize there have been a lot of changes and improvements that you completely missed, because you were too busy texting while driving…

First, stop the texting. Second, start paying attention to your surroundings so you can take advantage of everything you’ve been missing! Now, please, don’t take offense…of course, this whole example is metaphorical…

In this episode of Rick’s Picks:

  • Rick goes Old School LATE NITE with the Rick’s Picks Top 5
  • Strategic Planning Tips to help you increase your margins for next year
  • Details on multiple Crescent products and services you probably didn’t know about
  • All of that in LESS THAN 5 MINUTES

SPECIAL THANKS TO¬† Annessa Frederick, Vice President, for her input on this episode’s content.