Originators have¬†historically been tasked with “training” their borrowers on what NOT to do before their mortgage closing, in order to make their transaction go smoothly. However, every originator can remember situations where their “training” didn’t quite stick…

This episode of Rick’s Picks is meant to help those originators more effectively and memorably communicate this important information to their borrowers.¬† Feel free to use this video as a tool for your borrowers to understand what NOT to do and WHY NOT to do it…

In this episode:
1) The Don’t Zone – a modern message in a throwback style – it’s funny, but to the point.
2) What Borrowers SHOULD NOT DO during their mortgage loan process
3) Originators, SHARE THIS with your borrowers
4) Some funny outtakes

All in just 5 minutes!

the Do’s and Don’ts LIST to share with your borrowers