What happens in New Orleans…doesn’t necessarily stay in New Orleans…

Crescent Mortgage participated at the ICBA convention in New Orleans, LA last week. We had the opportunity to spend some quality time with Bankers and Vendors alike, and there were some interesting revelations while we were there.

They may have thought these would be kept secret, but hey, this isn’t Las Vegas. The Rick’s Picks team was there and the cameras were rolling.

In this episode of Rick’s Picks:

  • Bob Shellenberger, SVP and National Sales Manager of Crescent Mortgage addresses compliance and recourse concerns that financial institutions face today
  • Shy Tittlebaum, VP in the LA, AK, MS region tells of some of her clients’ drastic methods to increase efficiency
  • Charity Smith, VP and National Trainer
  • Hilarious outtakes
  • Separate BONUS ICBA “Word Association” game Video – you WILL laugh and learn.

Video 1 – Rick’s Picks #4

Video # 2 – ICBA Word Association BONUS video!