New, new, new…

New software platforms, new procedures, new regulations, new guidelines…it seems like we are continually swimming to stay afloat without a moment to catch a breath.  I understand. I’m right there with you.

As an added bonus, we’re being watched very closely to make sure that we’re doing things correctly. Don’t get me wrong. We should be following regulations and guidelines accurately; However, it’s kind of like typing…when someone’s watching over your shoulder, somehow it seems a bit more difficult.

Today, the President of Crescent Mortgage, Fowler Williams, joins me on Rick’s Picks in an effort to make sure that we’re communicating in an accurate manner through this venue. On today’s episode:

  • MOTION update – have you made the move yet?
  • RESPA/TILA integration – Next August is coming quickly.
  • Vendor Due Diligence – we’ve made it easier.
  • And more, including an interesting sidebar with Fowler and Rick

All in under 4 minutes!